Hurricane Ride On Blower

Posted by on July 03, 2018

Hurricane Ride On Blower

Hurricane Ride On Blower icane Power products can now be purchased or rented under the Ferris and Billy Goat turf care brands. Using the links above, you can navigate to view available blowers or access support materials (e.g., manuals) from either brand website.

Stand-On Blower Z3. Stand-On Blower Z3 Model Number: Z3. Blows Left, Right & Forward ; Patented Dual Deflector Air Flow System ; Torsion Mounted Front Axle Assembly ; L.E.D. Lights For Night Operation

Video of Hurricane Ride On Blower

Hurricane Ride On Blower

The New X3 Hurricane Blo-Vac. Check out this video featuring the new Hurricane X3 Blo-Vac!

HURRICANE X3 IN ACTION! BIG LEAF CLEAN UP. Hurricane x3 in action. Brief discussion on conditions and how long to complete. Very satisfied with results!

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FB3000 Hurricaneâ„¢ Stand-On Blower. The FB3000 Hurricaneâ„¢ stand-on blower is designed to provide maximum air flow and power for effective debris management. With an airflow of 8500+ cfm and air velocity of 165 mph, fall leaf clean up and moving debris is made easy. Air flow is changeable from the operator station, with three directions - left, right and front. A unique blower

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